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YUNG SHING Brake / Clutch Reliable action, Low inertia, High torque

Yung Shing Precision Machinery Co., LTD, founded in 1948, is committed to transmission component engineering, providing customers with transmission vehicles/clutches, reducers, couplings, etc. After more than half a century of accumulated experience and the R&D strength of Zhuoyue, Yongxing products continue to introduce new products to meet the application of various machinery. Yongxing brakes/clutches are manufactured completely according to strict standards, with strict quality control, stable quality and excellent performance. The products are widely sold to Europe, America and Japan, and the quality is fully affirmed by customers.

Yung Shing Important Deeds


The chairman of the board Mr. Xu Fu founded the Changxing Enterprise Company, which mainly repairs imported machinery and equipment, with a capital of NT$50,000.


Reorganized and established YongShing Machinery Factory, which mainly produces sewing machine parts, and its capital increased to NT$100,000.


Research and develop ceiling fan components.


Supply of jigs and parts with tolerance control of 0.01mm for Japanese Singer and Janome (蛇の目ミシン工業株式會社).


Research and develop special hardware tools, polishing machines and whole plant equipment.


Research and develop semi-automatic canning food machinery whole plant equipment to supply Taiwan's food canning industry, pineapple, asparagus, and mushroom export industries.


Developed the first set of fully automatic can-making plant equipment in China, 120 cans/min.


The telecommunications phone mold was successfully developed and supplied to the Taiwan Telecommunications Bureau's phone housing parts.


Develop the plastic industry, supply auto parts and components, and foreign home appliances.


Successfully developed the second generation of high-speed automatic can-making machinery (200 cans/min) whole plant equipment. Supply to major domestic manufacturers such as Uni-President, Kingcar, Weichuan, Tayuh, Tonghsing, etc., and export to Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.


Successfully developed the third-generation high-speed automatic can-making machine (350 cans/min) whole plant equipment.


Develop the mold industry, introduce advanced machine tools and mold clamping machines, and manufacture large steel molds above 10T.


Develop and manufacture pneumatic clutches and components for machinery.


A large number of exported steel molds are shot to Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the United States and other countries.


Successfully developed mold 800 and mold 808 brake clutches and supplied them to major domestic heavy forging machinery manufacturers.


Successfully developed the first one-piece pallet, and won the bronze medal at the Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition in West Germany and the domestic boutique award.


Introduced CNC 4-axis cutting machining center to improve the quality of mold development.


The super large brake clutch was successfully developed and supplied to domestic and foreign giant horizontal screw and nut forming machine manufacturers.


The Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park, the new factory land was acquired.


Groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant project.


The new factory was completed in May, and in June it moved from Zhongqin St., West Dist., Taichung City to the park and started operations so far.


The ISO was revised and recertified and obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.